Links on study skills,time management, etc.

Finding your learning style
Setting goals, managing your time
Managing stress
Study guides
ESL help (for international students)
For tutors and teachers
Your Learning Style
Learning Style Inventory. Find our your learning style.
The Keirsey Temperament Sorter II. A test of personality types.
Setting goals, managing your time
Ten Tips You Need to Survive College. Brief, but helpful.
How to get the most out of your time by Mind Tools. (comprehensive, business-related.)
Managing Stress
Master Stress - Mind Tools.
The Memory Page. Worth looking at.
Memory Techniques and Mnemonics. From Mind Tools. Lots of mnemonic devices.
Memory Principles, Brief list of principles that aid memorization.
Study guides 
Study Strategies Home Page, University of Minnesota, Duluth. [Nice section on assessing your own study habits.]
Improving Note Taking with Concept Maps. An alternative to traditional note-taking. Good for people who find graphs and diagrams easier to understand than text.

ESL help (for international students)
Dave's ESL Cafe
<For tutors and teachers
Using Technology to Enhance the Writing Processes
of Students with Learning Disabilities, Charles A. MacArthur