Advising Director Goals

The primary mission of the advising program is to help students explore the Union College curriculum in a way that allows them to find their passions and pursue them while maximizing their academic experience and to give faculty/staff advisors the tools to encourage their students to reach these goals.

To achieve this mission, the following goals will be met:

  1. To provide accurate, timely information to students and their faculty/staff advisors with regards to course offerings, graduation requirements, and academic policies
  2. To help students with transferring credits from AP courses, courses taken at partner institutions, and courses taken at other institutions
  3. To liaison with (as an ex-officio member of) the Common Curriculum Board to stay up to date with changes to the graduation requirements.
  4. To help departments and programs articulate their major or minor requirements in a manner that gives students a clear understanding of the requirements and the most effective way to complete those requirements.
  5. To work with the Dean of Studies to improve 4 year graduation rates and retention rates by making sure that students have the information and guidance needed to help them get the most of their Union education in a timely manner.