Academic Opportunity Program / Higher Education Opportunity Program Statement of Goals

  • Enrollment.  Enroll appropriate number of students each year who are consistent with the profile established by the New York State Education Department for HEOP—academically and economically disadvantaged.  Academic eligibility is to be established in collaboration with the Admissions Office; economic eligibility is to be determined in collaboration with the Financial Aid Office.
  • Graduation rate.  Graduate AOP/HEOP students at the same rate as general admission first-time freshmen.  The graduation rate within four years for AOP/HEOP students has historically been lower than the four year graduation rate for general admission first-time freshmen.
  • Retention rate.  Retain AOP/HEOP students at a rate equal or exceeding the retention rate for general admission first-time freshmen.  In this case, we are referring to the rate at which students are retained from freshmen to sophomore year.
  • Support services.  Provide a variety of support services to AOP/HEOP students as identified by developing student needs.  AOP/HEOP provides an additional network of support on top of what our students would normally receive from Union College.  This includes a pre-freshmen summer program, mandatory tutoring, and being assigned to an AOP advisor.  We seek to increase the variety of support services provided to our students, and to design them to meet emerging trends.
  • Academic excellence.  Maintain internal system for monitoring AOP/HEOP students’ academic progress.  Consult with faculty on strategies for improving student performance; evaluate and review individual student progress at conclusion of each term, and make referrals as deemed appropriate. 
  • Provide resources for post-graduate opportunities.  Provide resources for career preparation as well as information about graduate school opportunities.  We seek to have our students develop interview skills, resume and cover letter experience, and networking resources.