Health Professions Programs Goals

Goal #1 To support students interested in a health profession and provide them with information and advice on how they can best meet their professional school goals 
Students will be able to access information and advising services on various program requirements, application procedures, and ways to tailor their academic and extracurricular plans in light of their interests. 

Goal #2 To engage students interested in a health profession in opportunities for personal and professional development 
Students will be able to engage in opportunities for career exploration, standardized test preparation, interview skills development, community based learning and clinical outreach. 

Goal #3 To support students with the professional school application process by offering a credential file service, providing feedback on strengths and weaknesses prior to professional school application, and preparing/submitting support letters on applicants’ behalf.  
Students will be able to prepare an electronic credential file that captures their strengths and documents their accomplishments, and they will be able to have a committee packet prepared and sent on their behalf in support of their professional school applications.