Library Goals

  1. Collections Goal: We build collections that reveal the story of the College’s past, remove limits on current research endeavors and create the foundation upon which its future will be built.
  2. Facilities Goal: We design and create a welcoming space that stimulates creativity, encourages critical inquiry and fosters thoughtful reflection and research.
  3. Processes Goal: We develop and improve library processes and roles and responsibilities make visible what we do, encourage collaboration, highlight what we are doing well and help us focus on where we need to improve and build effective working relationships among library staff and the campus community.
  4. Services Goal: We cultivate an environment that places every user’s experience at the center of our work.
  5. Work Environment Goal: We build an inclusive community of diverse, knowledgeable and engaged staff who work together to enrich the user experience and to act as agents of change in a dynamic cultural landscape.