Registrar’s Goals

  1. Maintain accurate and up to date academic records and provide transcripts of such to current and former students in a timely manner.

  2. Produce a conflict free final exam schedule with the least amount of exams in one day for each student, while making special accommodations for faculty at their request.

  3. Process change of major/minor/adviser forms promptly.

  4. Meet with seniors to ensure they will complete graduation requirements on time.

  5. Establish web registration procedures to assist students in registering for their courses, efficiently and effectively online.

  6. Oversee the submission of grades from faculty, including change of grades, so as to report them to students in a timely manner. 

  7. Collect and assemble course offering information each term from department chairs and program directors and publish a document that students will utilize in consultation with their advisers to plan their upcoming class schedule.
  8. Oversee the creation and publication of the online academic register each year.