Goals of the Undergraduate Research Program

1. To engage students in investigative and creative activity to experience firsthand the processes of scholarly exploration and discovery.

To work closely with an expert in the field (a faculty member); to have a sense of contributing to a body of knowledge; and to develop the ability to persist despite challenges and take pride in their accomplishments.

2. To develop critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills.

Have the ability to analyze a data set, an idea, an experience or a theory in depth; to synthesize and organize ideas, information, or experiences into new more complex relationships; to apply theories or concepts to practical problems or in new situations; and to present these ideas clearly to others in written and oral form.

3. To prepare students for professional work or further study where in-depth analysis and synthesis are important for success.

Have the ability to take greater responsibility for a project, to work independently and collaboratively, to develop tolerance for obstacles and the ability to select a new direction when obstacles occur, and to begin to understand professional behavior in the discipline.