Financial Aid Goals

  1.  In collaboration with the Admissions office, continue to enroll a class that represents diversity at all levels—intellectual, multicultural, gender, and geographic –as outlined in the strategic goals and within the financial constraints as established by the College. 
  2. Re-evaluate financial aid eligibility on an annual basis and notify students of their awards in advance of the first billing cycle which generally occurs in early July. 
  3. Manage the renewal of aid awards within the overall scholarship budget as approved by the College. 
  4. Maintain compliance in the administration of federal financial assistance as established by the Department of Education.  
  5. Identify eligible applicants for the Federal Work-Study program and assign approximately 700 students to over 80 departments on campus.
  6. Provide adequate instructions and information that enables all applicants for financial aid to complete and submit the required applications by the application due date.