English Department Learning Outcomes

1. We want our introductory students to be familiar with two major modes of literature --
fiction and poetry -- their techniques and devices, and relevant critical approaches. We
want this introduction to include literature from at least three cultures.
2. We want for our majors some historical grounding (a requirement of a course pre-1700
and one pre-1900 for majors), and for majors and all others the opportunity to take
additional historically-based classes.
3. We want our majors and other students to have knowledge of the work of Shakespeare.
4. We want our students to have the opportunity to investigate a diverse range of
literature as well as a variety of critical approaches. Therefore, our classes are grouped
now as Historical Studies Courses, Cultural Studies Courses, Genre Studies Courses,
Author Studies Courses, and Advanced Seminars for juniors and seniors.
5. We want students to have the opportunity to be in smaller classes where writing and
discussion are a central part of the coursework.
6. We want for our students a sense of intellectual self-reliance in dealing with a variety
of literature combined with competence in writing (including creative writing workshops)
as a way of responding to, and participating in, literary traditions.
7. We want a program for our Honors students that informs them of research procedures,
encourages them to work at the highest level, and creates a sense of shared goals and