Facilities Services Goals

1)      Promote sustainability through energy saving renovation projects, design of new buildings with green aspects, introducing renewable energy applications, and supporting recycling and student program initiatives.

2)      Support the 4 year student experience through campus stewardship by providing incredibly beautiful campus grounds, and well maintained buildings in a safe environment.

3)      Enhance the campus buildings and grounds through capital project improvements to bring Union’s facilities to the forefront with our peer institutions.  Provide state of the art new and renovated buildings that support the educational mission of the College, and provide the best experience possible for our students.

4)      Generate revenue by providing conference facilities at College Park Hall to external non-profit organizations and by providing a series of music concerts in the music facilities.

5)      Provide a complete and campus-wide scheduling system that allows effective scheduling of classes and events.

6)      Provide academics and sports camps during the summer.