Religious and Spiritual Life

Office Goals:

  1. Enhance student religious and spiritual life and its practice. 
  2. Encourage respect for religious and worldview difference. 
  3. Facilitate the integration of intellectual life with spiritual and religious teachings or experience.
  4. Advocate for religious and spiritual exploration as a part of student identity formation. 

Learning Outcomes

  1.  Students will be able to identify and secure needed resources to continue or enhance their religious or spiritual life and its practice.
  2. Students will experience models of religious and spiritual engagement that respects difference.
  3. Students will bring intellectual curiosity and worldview sensitivity to the exchange of ideas around religious and spiritual life and its practice.
  4. Students will develop habits of reflection upon their experience that includes their religious and worldview understanding of their identity and their behavior
  5. Students will begin the life long process of evaluating religious and worldview difference based on respectful assumptions about these differences