Campus Safety

Office Goals:

  1. To prevent and control conduct widely recognized as threatening to life, property, students, staff and employees.  This will include danger of physical harm, such as the victim of physical attack, sexual misconduct and/or disaster.  Report, log and other forms of documentation used to determine effectiveness.
  2. To protect the constitutional guarantees of visitors and community members.  These concerns include the right of free speech and assembly.  Student groups and community members will maintain the freedom and confidence to bring in speakers and lecturers in pursuit of academic knowledge. 
  3. To identify and work collaboratively to resolve problems that have the potential for becoming more serious concerns for the community.  Violence and alcohol related issues are able to be addressed through observable outcomes based on reports and statistics. 
  4. Build community interaction by promoting programs that show increased interest and involvement from the student body.  The increased respect and understanding will be created through an atmosphere of working together.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Students will identify suspicious activity and share observations with Campus Safety.
  2. Community confidence to explore intellectual pursuits.
  3. Reduce victimization through informed decision making and sensible action
  4. Identify security services and programs