Counseling Center 

Office Goals

  1. Maintain low levels of stigma around mental health so that students will feel comfortable coming in for counseling.
  2. Be able to maintain session averages close to the national average to maximize the number of students that can be seen with limited space and resources, while maintaining quality services.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students that work with the Counseling Center clinicians will develop coping skills to address the issues that brought them into counseling.   Students should be able to show that they can handle reasons they are in counseling on their own after a period of time.
  2. Students that work with Counseling Center clinicians will maintain higher levels of matriculation / retention than the general population because the skills they develop in counseling will assist them in remaining in school.
  3. Students referred to the health educator will exhibit lower levels of risky behavior in terms of alcohol related events or student code of conduct violations.
  4. Students in counseling will exhibit better academic performance.  Students should be able to maintain GPAs that keep them enrolled in school, as well as off academic warning/committee on standing review.