Dean of First-Year Students

Goals – 

  1. Ensure new students feel at home on campus and are ready to begin their four years at the College.
  2. Execute an Orientation Program that emphasizes the key features of a liberal arts education, notions of community, and the values of a social life that is safe, civil, and balanced.
  3. Maintain regular communication with the first-year class and ensure that first-year students are aware of services available to them.
  4. Encourage first year students to make responsible decisions regarding alcohol.

Learning Outcomes - 

Students will:

  1. Indicate a positive comfort level with their environment (feel that Union is "home away from home”
  2. Identify Orientation Advisors as a resource
  3. Demonstrate an awareness of leadership opportunities available to them on campus, as demonstrated by actively participating in (or at least planning to participate in) campus activities, such as clubs, organizations, and community service
  4. Develop meaningful relationships with their class peers, Orientation staff, faculty members, and College staff
  5. Identify campus resources that will be of value to them during their first year at Union
  6. Manage their physical environment comfortably and confidently (can find their way around the campus easily)
  7. Examine their personal and academic goals before and during fall term
  8. Reflect on and appraise their values in regard to diversity, social responsibility, integrity and ethics, and compare their values of diversity, social responsibility, integrity, and ethics to that of Union College and the campus community
  9. Demonstrate an understanding of community and social expectations on campus, and be exposed to many of the major transitional issues faced by new students (roommates, diversity, difficult choices, etc.)