Office Goals: 

The primary goal of the Minerva Office is to oversee the Minerva Program in such a way as to meet the overarching goals of that program itself:

  • To enrich intellectual and cultural life outside the classroom.
  • To contribute to diverse social opportunities.
  • Promote interaction between faculty / staff and students.
  • Promote community on campus by bringing together members of the campus community who don’t regularly interact.
  • Providing students and faculty with good facilities that allow for optimal interaction.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Members of House Councils will learn how to work cooperatively with other students and faculty
  • Members of House Councils will understand the meaning of ‘House Stewardship’
  • Members of House Councils will develop their leadership skills
  • Leaders of House Councils will learn how to set agendas for their Houses, and learn how to become more effective communicators and managers.