Union College Login

Basic Telephone Utilization:

The Telecommunication’s Office maintains the College’s central telephone systems.   Documentation for use of the systems can be found at http://its.union.edu/ or assistance can be provided by calling 518-388-6411 or emailing Telecom@union.edu

Dialing Instructions

The main number for Union College is 518-388-6000.   An automated speech directory is connected to the main number to reach staff or departments.   If there isn’t a match you can say “Operator”.  From campus extensions, you can dial “0” for the same speech directory.

To reach an outside line from campus phones, you dial “3” then the number.

Internal calls can be dialed with the 4 digit extension associated with that person or department.

Calls within 518 area code are dialed using “3” then the 7-digit phone number, no need to put in the area code.  Domestic calls are dialed using “3” then 1+ Area Code + number.

Directory Assistance is available by dialing “3”  then 555-1212.  You will be given the phone number of the party you are looking for to dial directly.

International Calls are dialed by dialing “3” + 011 + country code + city code.

Operator Assisted Calls are dialed by dialing “3” + 0.   Credit card or 3rd party only.

All Other IT Concerns:

Please email Helpdesk@union.edu or call Help Desk at 518-388-6400.