Academic Achievement

Academic Help Centers

Need tutoring help?

The following Academic Help Centers are available to assist students throughout the term. Contact the individual departments for more information:

Writing Center

The writing center will host online consultations this term. Please visit for more information or email with questions.

Calculus Help Desk

Please visit the help calculus help center website for more information about sessions.

Biology Backup

Biology Backup is facilitating online sessions Wednesdays from 7-9pm. To join a session, please use this link -


The Chemistry Department is offering remote help to students in CHM 101, CHM 110 and CHM 231 through the Chemistry Help Center. The hours are Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7-9 starting on 9/13. All sessions are via Zoom. The links are on the Nexus pages for each class.


The Physics Department is offering remote help to students. The hours are Tuesday & Thursday from 7-10pm starting on 9/15. All the sessions are running via Zoom. The link is -

Language Center

The Language Center will be open Monday-Thursday 11-8 and Friday 11-4. Please see the Language Center website for more information about how to book an appointment the language center website.

Supplemental Instruction (Various Courses)

Please see your instructor for more information about session times.


SI Leader

BIO 103.01

Stephany Heiberger

BIO 104.01

Katarina Zahedi

BIO 205.01

Dharshini Suresh

BIO 206.01

Tatyana Lynn

CHM 101.01

Rachel Eisenberg

CHM 101.02

Tara Hartnett

CHM 101.03

Sarah Pogge

PSY 100.01

Hannah Weeks

PSY 100.02

Natalie Giordano

PSY 100.03

Zoe Flessas-Finocche

PSY 100.04

Zoe Flessas-Finocche

PSY 210.01

Ava Hultgren

PSY 210.02

Ava Hultgren