Academic Affairs

Assessment Elsewhere

Links from before 2001 (some descriptions may no longer be accurate):

  • Bucknell University includes link to departmental assessment plans at Bucknell and to assessment resources page with links to departmental assessment plans at other institutions

  • CU-Boulder has a webpage for its Data Analytics office which supports assessment.

  • Skidmore College includes links to assessment plans by discipline at other institutions.

  • Syracuse University includes links to assessment resources by discipline

  • UC-Berkeley includes discussion of various direct and indirect measures of student learning

  • College of Wooster includes links to examples of assessment measures and to other schools' assessment sites

  • Concordia College includes frequently asked questions about assessment and an extensive list of resources

  • University of Minnesota - Morris (Minnesota's public liberal arts college) "Unit Assessment Plans" link provides assessment plans for each discipline

  • Frostburg State University includes links to departmental learning outcomes

  • University of Michigan-Flint includes links to assessment plans for various departments