Academic Affairs

Adjunct and Overload Compensation Rates

A faculty member with a regular appointment at the College (e.g., tenure-track, lecturer, visitor) who teaches more than their contracted load will receive overload pay. An Adjunct faculty member is paid on a per-course basis and has no other faculty appointment at the College. All overload courses are paid at the maximum per course rate. Adjunct pay rates vary based on rank, experience, and the specific course taught.

Adjunct ranks:

  • Adjunct Instructor: The title of Adjunct Instructor is used for adjunct faculty without the PhD or equivalent terminal degree in the arts.
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor: An Adjunct Assistant Professor has a PhD but has never held a title above the rank of Assistant Professor at an academic institution.
  • Adjunct Associate Professor: An Adjunct Associate Professor has received tenure at an academic institution or has otherwise held the title of Associate Professor previously.
  • Adjunct Professor: An Adjunct Professor has held the title of Professor previously (at Union or at another institution).

Adjuncts appointed at the Professor rank will be paid at the highest adjunct rate. Adjuncts hired at the Assistant or Associate rank will maintain that title throughout their employment at Union, but can earn a higher rate the more they teach at Union.

All adjunct FYP or SRS instructors receive the maximum per course rate, regardless of rank. All Union emeritus faculty that return to teach will also receive the maximum per course rate, regardless of their rank at retirement.

2019-20 Adjunct and Overload Pay Rates

Overload Rate (regular courses):

  • $5,145/course

Adjunct Rates (regular courses):

  • Adjunct Instructor: $4,005/course
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor or an adjunct at any rank who has taught < 5 courses at Union: $4,005/course
  • Adjunct Associate Professor or an adjunct at any rank who has taught 5-9 courses at Union: $4,580/course
  • Adjunct Professor or an adjunct at any rank who has taught 10 courses at Union: $5,145/course

Laboratory Rates (Applies to both Overload pay and Adjunct pay)

  • Instructor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 925 / contact hour
  • Assistant Professor/Lecturer . . $ 980 / contact hour
  • Associate Professor . . . . . . . . . $1,035 / contact hour
  • Professor/Senior Lecturer . . . . .$1,090 / contact hour