Work toward a teaching career

Students who would like to pursue a career in the classroom, particularly at the secondary school level, typically major in their area of interest, whether in the humanities, social sciences or sciences.

Possible majors:

Anthropology, biological sciences, chemistry, Chinese, computer science, English, French, geosciences, German, history, Latin, mathematics, physics, and Spanish and Hispanic Studies

Clubs, organizations and volunteer opportunities:

Homework and Skills Development Program, Junior Science, COCOA House (Children of Our Community Open to Achievement), Project SAIL (Studying Arithmetic in Literature), ROAR (Reach Out and read), STEP (Science and Technology Entry Program)

Internship opportunities:

Breakthrough (Greater Boston) Collaborative; Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth; New England Center for Children; School on Wheels; Teach for America; Urban Education Leaders Intern Program of District of Columbia Public Schools

Suggested terms abroad:

Cambodia, which offers internships with The Global Child, a school for street children, and the Ponheary Ly Foundation, which supports rural public schools; and Suva, Fiji, which offers internships at local schools.