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Ben Rubin

 “Engineers have the ability to positively change the world and the future. This is extremely powerful – and it’s fun, too.  Seeing the passion my professors have for what they teach is very inspiring. I founded the Engineering Student Forum to increase collaboration among the engineering organizations on campus.” - Ben Rubin

Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Union College's nationally-ranked, ABET-accredited mechanical engineering program offers an exceptional engineering education within a liberal arts environment. Union also offers a 5-year combined B.S./M.S. in mechanical engineering with Clarkson University (Capital Region Campus).

At Union, you will find an emphasis on close student-faculty interaction, hands-on laboratory experience and challenging design projects.

There are ample opportunities for disciplinary and interdisciplinary undergraduate research, and for participation in national collegiate design competitions. 

Students build a strong core in engineering fundamentals, mathematics and basic science before progressing to more specialized areas of study.

Our mechanical engineering program also includes an international experience woven into the curriculum, as Union is committed to preparing students to practice their profession in the global engineering community of the 21st century.

Career possibilities for mechanical engineers are robust and almost limitless. Given the tremendous flexibility of this field, mechanical engineers work in a wide range of industry settings, including product design, research and development, manufacturing, systems management, alternative energy, robotics, health care, spacecraft design, transportation, and sports and recreation, to name just a few. 

The many government agencies that hire mechanical engineers include the Department of Energy, NASA, the Patent and Trademark Office, and all branches of the military. A mechanical engineering education also serves as excellent preparation for graduate study and careers in business, law, consulting, teaching, and technical management.