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Arielle Singer

 “The Organizing Theme program allows you to create a major by pursuing a specified passion that cuts across multiple disciplines. In my case, as a Marketing Engineering Products major, I am able to become more than a marketing major by combining studies in engineering. I really like the way this helps me differentiate myself.” - Arielle Singer

Organizing Theme

Organizing Theme

If you have a strong intellectual interest in a topic involving multiple disciplines, you might consider the organizing theme major.

This self-designed major encourages you to explore thematically related connections across disciplines. It must incorporate courses from at least three different departments, with no more than four courses from any one department to count toward the major.

Organizing theme majors developed by students include:

  • Film theory and technology: Exploring multiple aspects of filmmaking, including theory, script writing and production (drawing from women's and gender studies, English, modern languages and literature, and film studies)
  • Sustainable design: Designing products and systems with limited impact on the environment (drawing from mechanical engineering, environmental sciences and visual arts)
  • Asia-related political and economic studies: Understanding the political and cultural dimensions of economic relations between the U.S. and Asian countries (drawing from economics, Chinese and political science)

All organizing theme proposals require the approval of the chosen advisor or advisors and a faculty committee established by the dean of studies.