The Union College Obervatory and the ‎accelerator


Located atop Olin Center, the Union College observatory houses a 20-inch optical telescope equipped with CCD cameras and a spectrograph, as well as a 7.5-foot radio telescope. Both are used in a number of physics and astronomy courses and for research projects in observational and radio astronomy.

Students make professional astronomical observations as part of a regularly offered course, and the observatory is also used for senior theses and independent projects. 


The Union College Ion-Beam Analysis Laboratory features a Pelletron Accelerator, a small tandem electrostatic accelerator made by the National Electrostatics Corporation. In the lab, applications of nuclear physics are used to study environmental problems. In particular different ion-beam analysis techniques are used to probe the elemental makeup of a target.

For more details and recent student projects, visit the Accelerator Homepage.