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Russian & East European Studies

Russian & East European Studies

This program provides a broad education focusing on the languages, cultures, literature and politics of this vast region. It draws from a number of disciplines, including history, modern languages, political science and economics.

Special learning opportunities

The Office of International Programs offers a term abroad in Russia where the evenings in downtown Irkutsk, a city of 600,000, offer a variety of entertainment, from traditional Buryat folk festivals to concerts at the Philharmonic, from strolls along the Angara River to experiencing the active night club scene. Students tour the Kremlin in Moscow and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg on their end of the term excursions to the present-day and former capital of Russia. Journaling and a presentation on campus are key parts of the learning experience.


The Russia and East European major leads to a degree of Bachelor of Arts and is designed primarily for those seeking careers in government service, journalism, law, or business.

Majors also teach, consult and work in marketing, advertising, aerospace and computer engineering.

After Union:

Social studies teacher

General management assistant, Frankel Green Theatrical Management

Associate, Greenwald Law Offices

Graduate student, Sports Industry Management, Georgetown University

Careers by field:

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