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The paths and possibilities of a Union education

Trust us, the next four years will fly by, and the day will come when you find yourself knocking on the door of that infamous "real world." And when it does, we know you'll be glad to have a Union education to back you up.

Accomplished alumni

Meet just a few of our outstanding alumni that have used their Union education as the foundation for career success.

Becker Career Center

In addition to teaching the secret to great resume-writing, interviewing and business etiquette, our career center will give you access to thousands of job postings from alumni and employers who are looking specifically for Union College students.

Career pathways

From architecture to zoo keeping, Union prepares you for success in virtually any field. This interactive graphic shows the career pathways open to graduates of a number of Union's popular majors, minors and interdisciplinary combinations.

Class of 2016 report

Each year, the Office of Institutional Research surveys recent graduates to track their progress during their first year after Union.


Our ideal location enables us to connect you with valuable internships in all fields.

Union by the numbers

Union graduates have among the top earning potential of all liberal arts colleges, according to national salary studies.