How Will You Build Intellectual Foundations?

Every Union course or program builds foundations for your intellectual life. Union students build foundations together through our Common Curriculum. The First-Year Preceptorial engages you in the exploration of ideas from diverse perspectives through critical reading, thinking, and writing. Since research feeds into so much of what we teach and learn, the Sophomore Research Seminar ensures you have an early experience thinking and working like an academic researcher. Language and literature mark human civilizations.  You expand your understanding of yourself and your fellow human beings through analysis, interpretation, and reflection in a literature course.  From its inception, the scientific method changed the way humans understand their world.  Union led the way in putting science at the center of the liberal arts, and each of you puts its methods to work in a lab science course.  You acquire quantitative and abstract reasoning abilities necessary to solve complex problems when you embrace the unique insights of a course in Quantitative and Mathematic Reasoning.