Where Will You Create Connections Across Boundaries?

The liberal arts at Union transcend boundaries. They cross subjects and disciplines, classrooms and communities, present and future. Your opportunities to create connections at Union are almost boundless. Some connections are made through our Common Curriculum. Some just happen. All are as creative and compelling as you can make them. 

As a Union student, you might make connections across cultures during a term abroad or mini-term. You'll sharpen your understanding of cultural complexity by taking at least two courses in a language, or by taking a special course or courses focused on cultural competency. Connections are deliberately created when you combine the insights of diverse disciplines to tackle meaningful issues and concerns. Students in the 2011 Minerva course, Oil: A World in Short Supply, joined experts in politics, geology, engineering, economics and environmental biology to probe humanity’s complex and dangerous addiction to "nature’s black gold." All the while, you explore and create your own understanding of the liberal arts by completing at least five Writing Across the Curriculum courses and a Senior Writing Project.

What we call a "fortunate collision of ideas" captures all these moments–-and those to come–-when you make connections across boundaries.