How Will You Contribute to Humanity?

Liberal arts colleges draw people who are restless to learn. Union draws people who also are restless to do-- to turn their learning, creativity, and discoveries into meaningful contributions to society, right now and in years to come. 

Union provides many opportunities to do so, whether through research with a professor, a senior project or thesis, or community-based learning opportunities. The opportunities do not begin and end there, however. Union students always find new and original ways to think creatively, take risks and contribute to the common good. Robbie Flick ’08 taught street children in Phnom Penh Cambodia as a Minerva Fellow. Student-inspired innovations in the U-Sustain program aim to make Union’s future a carbon-neutral one. Valerie J. Hoffman '75 endowed a lecture series devoted to exploring the links between feminist politics, the struggle for racial justice and human rights activism. 

Union will be your partner in helping turn great ideas into reality for the rest of your life.