When Will You Discover New Interests?

Creativity and curiosity grow from the intense desire to discover and explore new interests.  Only that passion to discover and explore–every day–makes it possible to get the most out of your few years at Union. As you seize opportunities to develop your intellect and apply it, you will find your interests broadening and deepening.

At Union, you can take courses simply to learn something new. Prepare for Health Professions at Union and decide to serve in a hospice in South Africa, as Malebogo Thlajoane ’11 did as a Minerva Fellow. Find the inspiration to become a professional teacher while tutoring Schenectady schoolchildren through the Kenney Community Center. Come together with actors and playwrights in workshops and discussions for The Hijabi Monologues or the new play Belle of the Books.  Dazzle the Union community during the modern dance performances or photography exhibitions in the Steinmetz Symposium. Or. . .? You get the idea.