What Will You Study In Depth?

Liberal arts students explore the breadth of human knowledge, but Neil Armstrong did not step onto the moon because someone studied "a little physics."  Social justice and public health needed Upton Sinclair’s intense dedication to finding words that captured the brutal reality of the Chicago stockyards in The Jungle. Time and again, humans summon the passion, persistence, and imagination needed to master big ideas and complex challenges. 

Being a Union student means making sense out of complexity through dedication to a major field of study.  Join Professor Brian Peterson, who rewrote the history of Islamization in West Africa for his students and fellow historians through groundbreaking fieldwork among the peoples of Mali. Watch four years of study take flight–literally–when mechanical engineering students design and build an aircraft that achieves a perfect and award-winning flight record in the SAE Aero East Competition.

Such dedication over years, even a lifetime, allows us to escape from simple thinking, avoid easy answers and extend the frontiers of human knowledge.