The Summits Of Forests: Photography Of Kay Flickinger And Books Of Grace Hudowalski

On May 30, 1948, amid the growing interest in hiking following World War II, Grace Hudowalski and Kay Flickinger Dockstader met with fellow 46ers and founded an organization that would not only establish a roster of those who had completed the challenge but also promote good woods etiquette. Now, as the list totals over 10,000 members, we have chosen to acknowledge two of the women who were there in the beginning and their deep commitment to protecting the natural resources and preserving the wild quality of the Adirondacks.

“To those who walk softly with a discerning eye through our mountain area”

-Grace Hudowalski,

The Summits of Forests from The Adirondack High Peaks and the Forty-Sixers

Parts But Little Known: Maps Of The Adirondacks From 1556

From May through November, 2017, the Kelly Adirondack Center exhibited maps from the Adirondack Research Library Collection alongside maps lent by a Union alum. The exhibit was a great success. It not only educated members of the Union community about the issues and inspirations behind maps of the Adirondacks, it brought together members of the greater community introducing them to the scope of ARL collections. Above is a link to an online digital catalog of the exhibit. Higher resolution images are available at no cost by contacting the library at

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