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FAQs for Transfer Students

FAQs for Transfer Students

What if I am an international transfer student – what else do I need to do to apply?

International applicants must submit certified English translations of all secondary and university-level course work completed. You are also required to submit a recent TOEFL, IELTS or PTE score if English is not your first language. Only in rare circumstances do we waive this testing requirement, and waivers are granted on an individual basis at the discretion of the admissions team. 

Is an interview required?

A personal interview, though not required, is strongly recommended. All interviews must be completed at least two weeks before the desired application deadline. On-campus interviews can be scheduled by calling the Admissions office at (518) 388-6112 or toll-free at (888) 843-6688. Please note that we do not offer off-campus interviews for transfer students.

May I reapply if I previously applied as a first-year student?

Yes, by reapplying using the Common Application or Coalition Application.

How important are my high school grades and standardized test scores?

Since the transfer process is a competitive one, an applicant’s entire academic history is considered in the admissions process. However, the longer a student has already been in college, the less important standardized test scores or the high school record becomes.

Union is test-optional, which means that it is not required to submit a standardized test for consideration. However, it is highly recommend that students with less than one year of full-time study completed at another college or university submit either their SAT or ACT scores. If these scores do not appear on your official high school transcript, please request that the College Board or the American College Testing Program send the official result/s to Union.

Can I transfer my credits to Union?

Transfer credit decisions are made by the Transfer Coordinators, the Dean of Studies and faculty members, who work together to determine which courses will transfer from other institutions. Courses in the liberal arts, sciences and engineering that are roughly comparable to courses taught at Union are usually awarded credit. Credit is only given for courses in which a student has earned a C or better.

Are there a maximum number of credits I may transfer?

Yes. Union accepts a maximum of two years' worth of credit (about 60 credits from a semester school) or the equivalent of 18 Union College courses. Union also does have a maximum limit for considering applicants: once a student has completed more than four full years of college-level work, they are no longer eligible to transfer. Thus, students who already have a bachelor's degree would not be eligible applicants.

Is financial aid available for transfer students?

Yes. Financial aid applicants must submit the CSS PROFILE Form, available online at www.collegeboard.org, the Free Application for Federal student Aid (FAFSA), available at www.fafsa.gov as well as some supplemental forms. These must be submitted by the admissions application deadline. Union also offers merit-based financial assistance to qualified transfer students.

International students seeking financial assistance must complete the College Board's CSS Profile. This application is available online at www.collegeboard.org. The International Certification of Finances will also be required for students prior to enrollment at the College. It is recommended that applicants to the College be prepared to contribute a minimum of $7,500 U.S. towards their cost of attendance.

Is housing available?

Although housing is not guaranteed for transfer students, the Office of Residential Life makes every effort to provide on-campus housing for all transfers who request it.