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Waitlist FAQ's

What can I do to be admitted from the waitlist?

First and foremost, complete the online response form in the Applicant Portal. Second, write to us expressing your continued interest in Union and updating us on your recent grades and accomplishments. Also, some students ask their schools to send updated third quarter grades or ask a teacher to write an additional recommendation.  This information can be emailed to admissions@union.edu or mailed to:

The Office of Admissions
Grant Hall
807 Union Street
Schenectady, NY 12308

How many are on the waitlist?

There are many applicants who are qualified for Union. Only a small percentage can be offered admission. In a typical year as many as 20% of the applicants are placed on the waitlist.

Do you rank the waitlist?

We do not rank the waitlist. We wait for students to fill out the online response form indicating continued interest. These applicants comprise the priority group on the waitlist.

In recent years, have students been admitted from the waitlist?

Yes, in the last few years we have admitted from 10 to 60 students from the waitlist

When do you offer students admission from the waitlist?

Typically we wait until we have received all of the deposits.  This year, if there is room in the class, we will start to admit from the waitlist in early May. To be sure of a place in college next fall, deposit at the college of your choice by May 1.

Is there financial aid available for waitlisted students who are admitted?

If there is both room available in the class and remaining financial aid resources, some students can be offered scholarship assistance.