Admissions Office

COVID-19 Admissions FAQ

We were pleased that our fall term started on schedule, with about 80 percent of students choosing to return to campus. Academic, social and residential life is in full swing–with social distancing measures and testing protocols in place.

For those applying to enter Union in fall 2021, we recognize the stress caused by school and test center closures. Union will continue our processes in the same manner that we always have, while also being flexible in situations outside of students’ control.

For Prospective Students

  • I have been unable to take the SAT, ACT, TOEFL and/or IELTS. Can I still apply?
    • US Citizens: Testing is optional for all students. except those applying to our combined law or medical programs and for those who are homeschooled.
    • International Applicants: The SAT I or ACT is recommended for international students. An English language proficiency test is required for all applicants whose first language is not English. In situations where traditional standardized tests are unavailable, an InitialView interview in conjunction with a Duolingo English language assessment will be accepted.
  • What about AP and IB testing?

    In reviewing applications for admission, we value completion of an AP or IB level course and understand that exams may be administered in new or condensed formats, or may not be offered at all. In regards to receiving course credit(s) for AP or IB, Union will follow our standard policies (which can be found here).

  • My high school implemented pass/fail grades. Is that okay?

    We understand that many transcripts will not have the same grading structure as in the past. We individually evaluate each candidate and will review your application in the context of your high school.

  • What about extracurricular activities? Many of mine were canceled.

    We know, and we will take this into consideration when reviewing the activities section of your application. Even though your list may look different than you had planned, we have always valued a variety of activities–from clubs, organizations and teams, to hobbies, talents and part-time jobs. The same is true this year. Let us know how you have occupied your time while social distancing.

  • Can I still visit campus?

    We are welcoming visitors to campus on weekends through November 15; weekdays in December; and weekends in January, February and March. Spaces are limited, so please pre-register here.

    You can always connect with us virtually! Information about virtual tours, info sessions, open houses, panel programs and interviews can be found here.

  • Does Union consider demonstrated interest?

    We have always taken a broad view on demonstrated interest that includes all of the different ways that a student connects with us. Make sure you sign up to receive information from Union College here, and take advantage of our virtual opportunities.

  • Can I still interview and/or meet with an Admissions staff member?

    Yes! We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and to tell you about the wonderful opportunities and experiences you would have as a student at Union. We are currently offering virtual interviews for seniors; sign up here. We will begin to offer interviews for juniors in the spring.

    Beyond interviews, our admissions deans are always ready to answer your questions. Find the dean for your area and reach out.

  • I'm interested in Early Decision, but need more time to decide. Can I switch to ED after I've applied?

    Yes. Applicants for other rounds (EA, RD) may switch their application to ED I until December 4 by notifying our office at and submitting the Early Decision Agreement.