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Abigail Soroka '20

Abigail Soroka '20

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Admissions Interviewer

Why did you choose Union: I chose Union based on one experience that opened my eyes tremendously. It was late winter–early spring of my senior year of high school. My brother was a senior here at Union, and so I thought the best idea was to go visit him, just like I had been visiting so many other schools at that time. The day started off just like any other visit had, where my parents had joined me for the drive up and we all went out for a meal. Then, my parents left, and I was left at a college, with my older brother by my side. He took me to an a capella show where the Dutch Pipers were performing, and already I felt a little different. I looked around with eyes that were more curious than before, and I started imagining the individuals sitting next to me, who were cheering their friends on who were performing on stage, as my friends, cheering me on at a future event that I would take part in. When that show ended, my brother took me on a walk up Union Street, and I saw students sitting and laughing, waving at my brother as we passed. I saw joy and fun experiences around me, and again, I could imagine myself sitting there enjoying the company of the friends I would make for years to come. At the end of the night, my brother took me to Garnet Commons where he was living at the time, and I sat alongside his friends, joking and laughing and telling stories. This college visit was a little different than before, because instead of feeling like an outsider, I already felt comfortable and at home. At that moment, I was no longer on Union’s campus as a family member visiting. Instead, I was on Union’s campus as a future Union student, meeting some of my now closest friends, and starting to make memories that I will remember forever.

Major: Mathematics

Minors: Psychology and Classics

Hometown: Hewlett, N.Y.

Study abroad: Greece Full Term (Fall 2018)

Internships: Data Analyst Intern at Young Adult Institute Inc., NYC (Sophomore summer) and Omni Planning Intern at Macy’s, NYC (Junior summer)

Favorite professor: Professor Ellen Gasparovic

Favorite class: "Personality Psychology" with Professor Suzie Benack

Favorite activity: Zumba class at Alumni Gym when my friend China teaches!

Favorite place on campus: The grass outside of the Nott Memorial where my friends and I relax on beautiful spring days

Favorite local restaurant: Luca’s right off campus, specifically for their delicious pizza

Favorite food on campus: Made to order Philly cheesesteak sandwiches from Dutch Hollow