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Audrey Palmeri '22

Audrey Palmeri '22

Job Title
Admissions Interviewer

Why did you choose Union?
When I was looking at colleges, Union was one of the first schools on my list as my dad is a Union alum. My first time at Union was so special because not only was it my first college visit, but it was also the first time my dad came back to campus in 11 years. When we attended an information session and went on a tour, I got to learn about the current Union experience. We then walked around campus on our own and explored the downtown area and my dad told me about all the things that had changed since his time at Union. We concluded the day by going to his old favorite restaurant which was still around before heading home. After the amazing day we had, Union held a special place in my heart. Throughout the college process, I was very undecided and applied to all different types of schools because I did not know what I wanted. But when I came back on accepted students day, I knew I was home. I loved the trimester system, study abroad programs, intimate faculty-student relationships and research opportunities. Most importantly, everyone looked really happy to be at Union and everyone I talked to was so happy to be a part of the Union community. And I just knew that Union was where I was meant to be and I have never looked back since.

How do you describe Union to your friends and family?
I start by saying Union is a small liberal arts school located in Schenectady, NY. But what makes it truly special is the Union community. The trimesters, bountiful opportunities to participate in research, emphasized relationships with professors, numerous and diverse study abroad opportunities and intimate community make Union so special. But beyond that, Union students and faculty are so involved. Union is a very collaborative and welcoming community, where people are friends with everyone. We are interdisciplinary in every way and we are so involved on and off campus. Nobody gets left behind at Union because everybody at Union has a place. It really is true that they say the people make the place.

What has been your favorite class assignment at Union?
For my “Developmental Psychology” class, we wrote a laboratory report on children’s temperament and needed a parent to fill out a questionnaire of how we behaved when we were five years old. It was really interesting to see how my dad rated me as a child on scales such as sociability and to compare it to the person I have grown into.

What is your favorite place off-campus in Schenectady?
This is such a hard question to answer, but Slicks Restaurant has a really special place in my heart. This is because my dad is a Union Alum and used to consistently go there with friends when he was here, and we have gone there together since I first toured Union. Not many people know about it, but it is truly an amazing place to connect with my Dad and let him feel like he is in a time machine. Almost every time he comes to visit, we go there. It’s become our tradition.