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Denali Douglas '24

Denali Douglas '24

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Admissions Interviewer
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Why did you choose Union?
My college search was heavily influenced by athletics. I was looking for an academically intense school, with volleyball and a supportive environment for growth. Union had been on my list since the beginning of my search. Each school I visited offered a specialized experience – however, as soon as I stepped on to Union's campus, I was met with an overwhelming sense of belonging. The admissions staff and athletic department saw to it that I obtained all the necessary information, and I felt the support system here. These personal conversations and guidance added something unique to the process that exceeded my expectations. After this campus visit, I knew Union was the school for me.

How do you describe Union to your friends and family?
My experience at Union has developed past athletics in a way I did not expect. While the volleyball team has been a large aspect of my experience, Union offers much more. Union's education and guidance has allowed my imagination and thought process to grow unrestrained, allowing a transformation beyond the confines of a major. The courses supported freedom of speech, and extracurriculars provide much more than a traditional undergraduate education. I describe Union as transformative, motivating, and free. Those who attend are granted an education that opens the mind and allows for endless possibilities and experiences.

What has been your favorite class assignment at Union?
In a research class my sophomore year, we were asked to create a lesson plan using critical race theory. Prior to this class, I wasn't familiar with this teaching method and came to understand its importance.

What is your favorite thing to do in Schenectady?
I love to visit different coffee shops and read in my free time. I have been to plenty in the surrounding area, but my favorite is definitely Arthur’s Market and Cafe in Schenectady’s stockade district.