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Devneet Singh

Devneet Singh '21

Job Title
Admissions Interviewer

Why did you choose Union?
While I look back fondly on the memories I made during the college application process, including my floor-to-ceiling paper chart listing each college’s deadlines for applications, tests, and scholarships, college brochures lining our fireplace mantle that Christmas, and blasting Bruno Mars' song "24K Magic" every time I submitted an application, I also remember how stressed I was and how depersonalized the process became. When I flew to Union and spent the day with two upperclass students (who are still my closest friends today), attending classes like Immunology and Herpetology, eating at West, and going to Bhangra practice in Henle, I immediately put down my deposit. I realize every day that my choice is shaping me much beyond academics. Initially, I was apprehensive moving far away from home and from my tight-knit groups of support, but I knew this was my time to be uncomfortable and grow, with the security of a medical school acceptance through the LIM program.

How do you describe Union to friends and family?
I begin my description with my experiences, such as being fortunate to have gone abroad three times while at Union. These opportunities to enrich what I was learning on campus and to apply it globally have defined my time at Union. I then fill in the picture with everyone behind the scenes who led me to these opportunities: Professor Goldner who taught my first year preceptorial and helped me discover the field of medical sociology, Professor Frandino for pushing me to think critically about gender differences in healthcare, Professor Mueller for reigniting my love for language, and the countless hours I spent with Dean Evans creating my personal statement to describe how my cultural upbringing draws me to being a representative for Asian women in nontraditional medical specialties like infertility or sexual health. Taking what you learn on campus and enhancing it outside of the classroom is characteristic of the Union experience.

What has been your favorite class assignment at Union?
My favorite class assignment was my social welfare experience from Professor Frandino's “Social Work and Human Services” class, in which we were tasked with going to any local welfare institution, learning as much as we could, and then writing a report from the perspective of a Schenectady local as if we needed those resources. I went to the Schenectady Women's Shelter and I was moved by the amazing, not-for-profit work being done. After talking to the staff and some domestic violence victims, I realized how quickly and easily someone can become a victim of domestic violence and need emergency support.

What is your favorite place off-campus in Schenectady?
My typical weekend traditions are to get an acai bowl from Raw in Downtown Schenectady on Saturdays and go to the Sikh gurdwara (temple) on Union Street on Sundays.