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Samuel Fogarty '20

Samuel Fogarty '20

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Admissions Interviewer

Why did you choose Union: I chose Union because of the tight-knit psychology department, as well as the ability to study a language alongside other academic interests. I also found the campus to be absolutely stunning and the perfect environment to further my social, professional, and personal goals for the next four years of my life.

Majors: Psychology and Spanish & Hispanic Studies

Minor: Seward Fellow Organizing Theme Minor in Queer Studies

Hometown: Guilford, Conn.

Study abroad: I studied abroad in Córdoba, Argentina in Fall 2018 with Professor Garcia.

Internships: During my time at Union, I have had several summer internships. The first was at the NYU Child Study Center, where I worked at an intensive summer program for children with severe behavioral disorders. This past summer, I was an intern at the Ali Forney Center, an organization that serves homeless LGBTQ+ young people. In this position, I was able to use all that I have learned in my interdisciplinary studies of psychology, Spanish, and queer studies to best serve this underprivileged population. I received the Becker Career Center Community Service Internship funding, which allowed me to live in NYC and enjoy such an amazing opportunity.

Favorite professor: My favorite professor is Professor Erika Nelson-Mukherjee. She taught me to explore every interest, whether big or small, and craft a career path in which I can enjoy a healthy balance of all these passions. She has encouraged me when I feel unmotivated, pushed me forward when things get difficult, and inspired me to give back to both the Union community and the greater population through my work.

Favorite class: My favorite class is "Behavioral Neuroscience" with Professor Carol Weisse. Though initially intimidated by neuroscience, I learned the importance of the brain and natural networks in the study of psychology and regularly use information from this course to better understand the world around me. Through a variety of topics, from psychopharmacology to brain scanning techniques, this class fascinated me on a daily basis.

Favorite activity: My favorite activity in my free time is collecting houseplants. Throughout the years, my room has increasingly become more and more jungle-like. It’s nice to return from a day of classes or the library and be surrounded by so much natural beauty.

Favorite place on campus: My favorite place on campus is the Henle Dance Pavilion. While I in no way consider myself a dancer, taking the dance practicums has been a great way to disconnect from the stress of college life and try out something new with close friends by my side. I’ve taken hip-hop classes in the past and look forward to trying out ballet in the future.

Favorite local restaurant: Puzzle’s Café

Favorite food on campus: Panzanella Caprese at 807 Deli