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Sarah Dames '24

Sarah Dames '24

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Admissions Interviewer
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Why did you choose Union?
Beginning my college search, I knew I wanted a liberal arts school that had a solid dance program, but I did not know much more than that. I stumbled upon Union and stopped by campus even though I hadn’t signed up for an information session or tour. After entering the admissions building, the Dean at the front desk told us we had to go on a tour in order to fully understand the Union experience and that one was about to start. I could not be more glad that I went on that tour.

I could tell that Union would be a place that celebrated my passion for learning regardless of the fact that I had no idea what I wanted to study. Union encourages their students to explore, grow, and discover their individual passions. As my process continued into my senior year of high school, I realized I had begun comparing other colleges to Union, circling back to specific elements within the Union community that I felt were missing in other colleges and universities. Ultimately, I realized that Union was the place that offered me everything: a small liberal arts school with the dance program I was looking for, accompanied by an academic program driven by student curiosity and interest.

How do you describe Union to your friends and family?
Union is home to all of its students. Walking around campus, I am greeted by familiar faces from every aspect of my campus involvement. I see the pre-orientation leaders I went through training with, my fellow dancers in the dance department, my sorority sisters, and my friends since our first year on campus. One of the biggest perks about Union is that I get to see all of these individuals on a daily basis, truly building my sense of community. More specifically, what makes the Union community so unique is its beautifully interwoven group of multifaceted individuals. No person at Union is just one thing, we are all forever growing, changing, and learning.

To accompany this, Union offers endless leadership, academic, and social opportunities that provide a direct pathway into this ever-growing community. When I became a pre-orientation leader in my sophomore year, not only was I able to gain leadership experience but I was introduced to an incredible group of upperclass student leaders who continue to be the friendliest faces on campus. Academically, students are celebrated for being interdisciplinary and wanting to highlight their various passions and interests. At no other institution would I be supported and encouraged to study mathematics, sociology, data analytics, and dance. Unique combos like my own are what make Union so special.

What has been your favorite class assignment at Union?
In Professor Cotter’s “Schools and Societies” course, I had the opportunity to interview my favorite high school teacher and get her perspective on our education and schooling system. Using her interview and others with my family members, accompanied by outside research, I then synthesized a paper that I was deeply passionate about and felt extremely proud of as a first-year student.

What is your favorite thing to do in Schenectady?
I love going to the Sunday Greenmarket in Schenectady during the warmer months. I really enjoy talking to the local community and hearing their stories about how they started their businesses. I always come back with a full stomach, a Buds on Jay iced tea, a new silver shop ring, and a fun trinket to add to my room.