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Stephen Nadler

Stephen Nadler '21

Job Title
Admissions Interviewer

Why did you choose Union?
I wanted to go to a smaller college that would allow me to thrive and discover what I am most passionate about. After learning about Union’s tight-knit community and the relationships formed between students and professors, I knew that it was a school that would give me the opportunity to grow as an individual. After taking a tour on the rainiest day imaginable, I fell in love with the way Union’s campus was designed. When walking around, it became easy to learn the layout of the school and how everything revolved around the Nott Memorial. I knew it was the place that would allow me to discover what I wanted to study and experience in the next stage of my life.

How do you describe Union to your friends and family?
I describe Union to my friends as a place that teaches you as much outside the classroom as it does inside. Many people already know about the rigorous academic environment, but they do not know how all of the people around you help shape you into your future self. Through different interactions and conversations, you learn how to manage not just your schoolwork but yourself outside of the classroom. When playing touch football over winter break, my old high school friends could not believe that I liked art or studying new languages.

What has been your favorite class assignment at Union?
My favorite assignment was my introduction to ethnographic fieldwork in “Intro to Anthropology.” Professor Witsoe advised me in studying, observing, and interviewing customers at Mike’s Hot Dogs on Erie Boulevard. It was a blast!

What is your favorite place off-campus in Schenectady?
My favorite place off-campus is the Stockade District in downtown Schenectady. The Stockade is full of history and cool architecture which makes it an awesome spot to take photos.