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Tatyana Lynn '22

Tatyana Lynn '22

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Admissions Interviewer

Why did you choose Union?
I had the privilege to attend a small, private, all-girls high school. My class was extremely close which allowed us to learn and converse in an environment that was conducive to the overall improvement of our character as young women. I wanted a college with a similar environment, so I provided my college advisor with a list of qualities I looked for in a college or university. This list included the ability to conduct research, strong faculty-student relationships, and a place where I wouldn’t be viewed as just a number. In return, he gave me a rather large list of schools to investigate and my family and I planned a road trip to visit the various colleges. My visit to Union was unique. Immediately, I was struck by the beauty of campus. After the tour, I immediately started looking into the paperwork required for Union’s application and was so sure of my choice that I applied Early Decision. There have been many moments in my time at Union that have solidified the fact that I made the right choice. I truly cannot imagine myself anywhere else.

How do you describe Union to your friends and family?
When I first started at Union, friends and family would inquire about my studies, and my answers were always filled with facts and a sprinkle of anecdotes. I would provide some background information about Union, including what a “Schenectady” is because most citizens of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin are not familiar with Union College. Now, I keep my loved ones on their toes with a new Union experience to share each time we talk. I love telling my family that I added a chemistry minor after falling in love with organic chemistry or explaining to my friends that my PCR gel displayed a successfully mutated plasmid which will allow me to conduct more advanced signaling experiments. Instead of asking “what’s up?” my loved ones ask, “what’s new?”

What has been your favorite class assignment at Union?
My favorite class assignment at Union would have to be any synthesis problem on my Organic Chemistry II exams. I approached each question as a puzzle; there is only one way that the pieces, or various reactions, fit together to reveal the overarching picture or synthesis of a particular product.

What is your favorite place off-campus in Schenectady?
My favorite off-campus location would have to be Whistling Kettle! It’s a tea-shop based eatery on Jay Street that has some of the best crepes I’ve had in the United States. The roasted red pepper with smoked gouda soup is also to die for!