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Connect in Minerva Houses

Peter Durkin

Hometown: New London, N.H.
Major: Political Science, Spanish & Hispanic Studies
Active in his Minerva House, fraternity and student government. Read more


Hometown: Boston, Mass.
Majors: Political Science, Spanish


Hometown: Boston, Mass.
Major: Biochemistry
These Minerva leaders launched a Parisian-style café/salon/poetry slam. Read more


Hometown: Los Angeles, C.A.
Major: "Marketing Engineering Products" (Organizing Theme)
Arielle helped coordinate programs devoted to life as a first-year student. Read more

Kaitlyn Suarez

Hometown: Niskayuna
Major: Geology
Kaitlyn teaches people with disabilities to prepare healthy meals. Read more

Quisqueya Witbeck

Hometown: Rensselaer, NY
Major: "Global Health and Diplomacy" (Organizing Theme)
This Minerva Council member works to foster community and connections on campus. Read more