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Counselor Tours

Counselor Tours

Individual Visits

We welcome school counselors year-round for our combined tour and information session. If time allows, contact your regional dean for a meet and greet.

SUCH Counselor Tour

The SUCH Counselor Tour is a three-day program available for high school counselors interested in learning more about colleges and universities in the Upstate New York region. In addition to a half-day at Union, counselors have the opportunity to visit Skidmore, Colgate and Hamilton Colleges. Click here for more information and to register for this year's tour.

Overseas Counselor Tour

For information regarding the July Overseas Counselor Tour, please refer to the OACAC website.

Upstate New York Tour

The Upstate New York Tour (UNYT) will take place from May 4-5, 2016. Counselors will be visiting Union, RPI, Syracuse, Ithaca, University of Rochester and Rochester Institute of Technology.