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Admissions Interviewers

Admissions Interviewers

Jackson Doughty '17

Jackson Doughty '17

Admissions Interviewer



Electrical Engineering


Hunt Valley, Maryland

Why I chose Union:

I knew I wanted to major in Engineering, but with a liberal arts background.

Study Abroad:

Term in Prague, Czech Republic and mini-term in New Zealand


Renewable Energy and Engineering Assistant at Ameresco, Inc.

Favorite professor:

Professor Palmyra Catravas, because of her dedication to her students, and our shared interests in engineering and music.

Favorite class:

“Biometric Signal Processing,” where we wrote the code for a vocal & facial recognition system.                           

Favorite activity:

Playing guitar with my friends

Favorite place on campus:

Special Collections & Archives section of Schaffer Library

Favorite local restaurant:

Adeeb’s Deli and Grocery 

Favorite food on campus:

Rathskellar, because of its late night hours and delicious cheeseburgers.