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Admissions Interviewers

Admissions Interviewers

Ayanah "Tris" Dowdye '18

Ayanah "Tris" Dowdye '18

Admissions Interviewer







Lowell, Mass.

Why I chose Union:

At home, I attended a high school that had 4,500 students. My graduating class was technically considered small because there were “only” 890 students at graduation. Classes had about 35-40 students, and I only knew one of my teachers on a personal level. I didn’t like that dynamic, so a smaller college was what I wanted. Union stood out, because when I came for my campus visit, people would say hello, the campus was beautiful, and it felt like I was actually wanted here. It was a gut feeling.

Study Abroad:

I received the Klemm Fellowship through Union which allowed me to travel to Cape Coast, Ghana for three weeks during winter break. I shadowed doctors and nurses in a teaching hospital, and compared their healthcare system to the healthcare system in America. (Oh, and did I mention that all of my expenses, such as vaccines, flight ticket, and living accommodations, were covered by the fellowship? Yay Union!)


Breakthrough Collaborative, a high school preparedness program for inner city Boston students (summer 2015); Biogen, a large biopharmaceutical company in Cambridge, MA where I taught basic lab techniques to high school students (summer 2016); and Vertex Pharmaceuticals, working with incoming college students and preparing them for college lab skills (summer 2017).

Favorite professors:

I have too many, but if I had to pick a few: Ken Aslakson (History), who is a mentor, Brian Cohen (Biology) who is my thesis advisor and essentially life coach, and Miryam Moutillet, my dance guru.

Favorite classes:

“Endocrinology,” “Dance for the Camera”, and language classes

Favorite activities:

Dancing, going to trampoline parks, cooking, playing rugby and talking to as many people as I possibly can!

Favorite place on campus:

Henle Dance Pavilion. Not only is it where I get my creative juices flowing in the dance department and take my fitness classes, but it also has tall windows that reveal the best view of Jackson’s Garden. It is quiet enough there to do all of my work.

Favorite local restaurant:

I can either always rely on Zen or Taj Mahal.

Favorite food on campus:

A classic CPH (College Park Hall) salad.