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Admissions Interviewers

Admissions Interviewers

Nia Francis '17

Nia Francis '17

Admissions Interviewer



Anthropology and Environmental Policy


Harlem, New York

Why I chose Union:

Honestly, it was love at first sight. When I was deciding between colleges, I had no idea what I wanted from a school. An overnight stay as an admitted student helped me realize that Union was the place for me.

Study Abroad:

Fiji Term Abroad, Civil Rights Mini-Term

Favorite professor:

The wonderful Dr. Janet Grigsby, because we are both so passionate about research in New Orleans.

Favorite class:

“Medical Anthropology,” because I learned that different cultures view the body in very different and unique ways. It also helped me understand Western medicine.

Favorite activity:

Collecting and reading quotes

Favorite place on campus:

Ozone House, because it a theme house filled with so many students passionate about the environment and social justice.

Favorite local restaurant:

Bombers Burrito Bar

Favorite food on campus:

Turkey Chili