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Admissions Interviewers

Admissions Interviewers

Tshering Lama Sherpa '18

Tshering Lama Sherpa '18

Admissions Interviewer





Environmental Science and Policy


Kathmandu, Nepal

Why I chose Union:

I chose Union because of a number of factors. I went to a small international high school in Kathmandu and I knew that I wanted an academic environment with small classes, where I would get plentiful opportunities to interact with the professors. Additionally, Union’s excellent Geology Department (which I personally think is one of the hidden gems of the college), the great study abroad programs and research opportunities motivated me to make my decision.

Study Abroad:

Galway, Ireland

Favorite professors:

Professor Anouk Verheyden-Gillikin and Professor Don Rodbell from the Geology Department are two of my favorite professors here at Union. I have taken two engaging classes (“Intro to Environmental Studies” and “Paleontology”) with Professor Anouk who is also my academic adviser. She always encourages me to challenge myself and has been a great mentor – academically and personally. Interestingly, I had never actually taken a class with Professor Rodbell, but will be taking “Geomorphology” with him during the fall. I first contacted Professor Rodbell during my first year because I was really interested in his research in Lake Junín, Peru. I ended up doing research with him during the summer of 2016 and 2017 and independent scholars research in spring of my junior year. Professor Rodbell has immensely contributed to my growth as a researcher and I am greatly indebted to him for providing me with fantastic research opportunities such as a 10-day field trip with him this summer to Junín, Peru in order to collect samples for my senior year thesis.

Favorite classes:

My favorite classes so far have been “Volcanology,” “Active Tectonics” and “Earth and Life through Time.” Professor Holli Frey, Professor John Garver and Professor David Gillikin all bring unique personalities and experiences to the classroom and are always ready to help in and out of class. Whether it is going to Dominica to observe the nine dormant volcanic centers in the island about which we had learned in “Volcanology,” or learning about the Himalayas in “Tectonics” and the different geological time periods in “Earth and Life through Time,” each class has made me more knowledgeable and ignited my curiosity in Geology.

Favorite activities:

Geology Club, Student Forum, Pizza & Politics

Favorite place on campus:

My favorite place on campus is Hull Plaza in front of Schaffer library, which has a lovely view of the Nott. It is an ideal spot to just relax on the benches and catch up with friends, either after classes or long study sessions in the library.

Favorite local restaurant:

I absolutely love the Pad thai and sushi at Zen.

Favorite food on campus:

Breakfast sandwich at Dutch and curly fries at Skellar