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Admissions Interviewers

Admissions Interviewers

Abigail Lehner '18

Abigail Lehner '18

Admissions Interviewer





Chemistry, Theater


Colorado Springs, Colo.

Why I chose Union:

I wanted to go to a small, liberal arts college that had a strong science program. However, I also wanted to participate in theater, music and dance without that being the focus of my studies. When I visited Union, I absolutely fell in love with the campus and realized all of the opportunities that were available for me here. I knew I would be able to conduct research, act in plays, volunteer with the community and learn laboratory technique, and that I would be well supported in all of these endeavors.

Favorite professor:

Professor Steven Rice. He is my thesis adviser and he is a great mentor. I know I can go to Professor Rice for advice on anything from graduate programs to great places to hike.

Favorite class:

Herpetology” with Professor Pytel. We learned all about snakes, salamanders, turtles, lizards and frogs, but also went on several field trips to catch them!

Favorite activities:

Spending a day lounging with friends in Jackson’s Gardens, and rock climbing at the local climbing gym about 20 minutes from Union.

Favorite place on campus:

The Peter Irving Wold Center, because it’s a great place to study, grab some coffee, or chat with your friends.

Favorite local restaurant:


Favorite food on campus:

You can never go wrong with a bacon, egg, and cheese bagel sandwich from Reamer.