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Admissions Interviewers

Admissions Interviewers

Bianca Mielke '18

Bianca Mielke '18

Admissions Interviewer



Electrical Engineering 


Mathematics, Dance


Northport, N.Y.

Why I chose Union:

I chose Union because I am able to easily take courses outside of my area of study, which makes me a well-rounded engineer. Union allows me to pursue my love of problem-solving and designing, while also not giving up my passion for dance.

Study Abroad:

Czech Republic (fall of my junior year), where I attended Czech Technical University and took several engineering classes.


General Electric as a Junior Data Solution Architect (summer 2017 and I will be returning there this winter as well).

Favorite professor:

James Hedrick, who I first met during EDGE (a camp for high school girls interested in engineering) in 2012. He inspired me to pursue engineering and is now my thesis adviser!

Favorite class:

All of my classes have aspects that have intrigued me, but I would say my favorite class was “Discrete Systems” because it was hands-on, and applicable to real life.

Favorite activities:

Dancing, volunteering and eating at local restaurants!

Favorite place on campus:

Henle Dance Studio. I am able to release energy and express myself, and the space is designed beautifully.

Favorite local restaurant:

Zen (their sushi is great and reasonably priced)

Favorite food on campus:

Macaroni and Cheese from Rathskellar